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3 Things Everyone Should Know about Printed Labels

If you are looking for labels for a garment or any type of clothing or accessory, you have a lot more choices than you might think. Whether you want to create a label with your company logo or you are designing work uniforms that need to be comfortable yet functional, you need to give serious consideration to the printed labels you use.


The type of label you pick should work with your brand, company, and goals, no matter what part of the country you do business in. Woven labels, for example, are a classy addition to any garment. They are both attractive and comfortable and are visually appealing in any garment. On the other hand, heat sealing labels are perfect for applications where dyes and inks should not come in contact with the rest of the garment.

When selecting a type of label, make sure you consider how it is going to be used and what you want it to say about your company. While you might not want to pay more for a certain type of label, it can be worth it in order to avoid discomfort, color bleeding, or any other issues.


Pay attention to longevity when selecting a type of label and design. Some label types look fantastic but do not last long during hard use. On the other hand, you might need to simplify or alter your design if you are looking for a label that will withstand hard use in difficult environments, such as factory uniforms, athletic clothing, or other situations where physical demands are high.

Woven labels are among the sturdiest available and can withstand frequent washing more than just about any other type. This makes woven labels perfect for business uniforms and athletic equipment that will be washed at least once a day. But if you are creating a label for a garment that will not be washed frequently or heavily used while worn, you can get away with using a number of other label options and styles.


Most label companies can also product patches and tags for your clothing along with labels. If you are trying to come up with the perfect label design but can't seem to fit everything you need on a small label, consider adding a tag to your clothing as well. Tags are perfect for showcasing company logos, displaying important event information, or providing a personal touch to any article of clothing.

Patches come in as many shapes, sizes, colors, and options as you might imagine. If you are interested in adding a patch or emblem to your clothing, make sure you pick a style that fits your overall design theme and needs. For example, placing a heavy leather patch on a light shirt or athletic top will be uncomfortable for the wearer. On the other hand, if you are using a woven fabric tag for your police uniforms, a cloth patch is going to perfectly compliment the look of the uniform and the tag itself.

AllCity Label & Tag Co.
261 west 35th St New York, New York 10001
Phone: (212) 244-9293

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